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PanoPlanet - Old Market Square
Nottingham Old Market Square - PanoPlanet
There are 32 images here, and a bit of processing, but nothing added nor taken away - the sky really was that colour.
I'd like to do one of these with the City Ground one day....

Canon EOS550Digital, Photoshop CS5
The City Ground, on an angry, golden evening. July 29 2009 - Canon EOS400 digital, straight off the camera.
City Ground Panorama
The City Ground, Nottingham - open training day 31 July 2011
Canon EOS550D, Photoshop Stitch CS5
Old Market Square
Nottingham Old Market Square Panorama
Canon EOS550D, Photoshop CS5
Trent Bridge HDR
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) - September 1st 2011 - Canon EOS550D, Photoshop HDR Plugin.
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